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The Moran School Photographic Workshop Program is open to Australian schools and students enrolled in Years 3 to 12.

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Schools will be selected based on criteria that aims to be inclusive and equitable for all schools.

Information for Teachers and Parents

Run by professional photographers, the full day workshops teach students fundamental photographic techniques combined with the theme of “Visual Storytelling”.

Each workshop has a maximum of 30 children per class. Each child has their own digital camera and camera card to use for the day. At the end of the day each student selects and prints 5 of their photographs and the workshop concludes with a discussion of their photographs. Workshops must be supervised by teachers and parent support is very welcome.

Read an article in the Leader Newspaper about a recent workshop.

For further information and to view comments from teachers and students about the program download the Moran School Photographic Workshop Program Student Information Kit.