Semi-Finalists Announced – Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2019


We are delighted to announced 139 semi-finalists for the 2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (DMNPP).  Portraits of Australians from all walks of life are featured amongst the semi-finalists including one of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

semi finalists Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

Other well-known sitters include Nova Peris, Noah Taylor, Annabel Crabb, Sigrid Thornton, Robert Forster, Magda Szubanski, Maeve O’Meara, Barry Otto, Kym Ellery, Gillian Armstrong, Julia Stone and fellow artists Lucy Culliton and Angelica Mesiti.

The DMNPP is Australia’s richest art prize with prize money of $180,000 including a $150,000 first prize.

Leading Australian artists such as Anthony Lister, George Gittoes, Dagmar Cyrulla, James Powditch, Nicholas Harding, Peter Smeeth, Matilda Michell and Lewis Miller are semi-finalists, alongside previous DMNPP winners Lynn Savery, David Fairbairn, Michael Zavros, Vincent Fantauzzo and Peter Wegner.

The judges of the 2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize are artist and 2013 DMNPP winner Nigel Milsom, Director of the Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne, Kelly Gellatly, and Peter Moran, Managing Director of the Moran Health Care Group.  Peter’s parents Greta and Doug Moran established the Moran Arts Foundation in 1988.

Judge Nigel Misom: “If portraiture is one of the means used to communicate our individuality, connection to each other, and the world around us, look no further than the 2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Semi-Finalists. The variety and scope of the selected portraits are vast, yet they all seem to share a commonality, that is, the painter and subject have united to share in the ‘magic’ of creativity.”

Judge Kelly Gellatly: “While the sheer volume of entries to this year’s Doug Moran Portrait Prize was initially overwhelming, it was a privilege to experience such a breadth of contemporary portraiture and to be able to get a glimpse into how some of Australia’s most talented artists are currently exploring, and pushing, the genre.  For the judges, the shortlisted artists collectively demonstrate the way in which portraiture can and should be much more than the sheer skill of capturing of a likeness. The power of portraiture instead manifests from the almost intangible coming together of artist and subject; a tension or ‘rub’ that encourages the viewer to remain with a work and to return to it time and again, well beyond the initial moment of recognising the subject.”

The Moran Arts Foundation invites entries of original works from Australian artists, capturing Australians from all walks of life, whether a public figure or someone from their own circle of experience. Works must be painted at least partly from life with the sitter known to the artist and aware of the artist’s intention to enter the Prize.

The finalists of the DMNPP will be announced on 16 October and the winner will be revealed on 30 October.  Exhibition details – read more.

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2019 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Semi-Finalists:

Artist First Artist Last State Artwork Title
what New South Wales Robert Forster
Abdul Abdullah New South Wales Often I am thinking about something else (Angelica at Jasper’s studio)
Margaret Ackland New South Wales Dreams
Iroda Adil South Australia New song
Benjamin Aitken Victoria Russel
Giles Alexander New South Wales The Sophisticated Beggar
Joshua Baldwin South Australia After the crash
Samantha Beau Queensland Maree – widow of a war veteran
David Beaumont Victoria Double self-portrait with lipstick, bird and anxiety
Natasha Ber Victoria Janet Dawson
Peter Berner New South Wales I’m going to continue to say things.
Kate Beynon Victoria Hybrid self with kindred spirits
Barbara Bolt Victoria Catherine Bell at the Jewish Museum, Berlin
Sally Bourke New South Wales Catch
Shane Bowden New South Wales A lady in Chanel ( my mother)
Leanne Bray Western Australia Eleven years on
David Bromley Victoria Who’s that girl
Jimmi Buscombe Victoria Dandrogyny
Daniel Butterworth Victoria Greg
Janda Cadd Queensland Painting Nova
Hua Cun Chen Victoria Who am I
Louisa Chircop New South Wales Juz Kitson – Love and Interrogation
Mimi Choi New South Wales Baba
Rachel Coad Western Australia Emma
Yvette Coppersmith Victoria Self-portrait with gladioli
Luke Cornish New South Wales Chesterfield #2
Melanie Coutts New South Wales Isabella
Daveena Cox Western Australia A head full of ideas
Martie Curtis Western Australia Sunday Morning
Dagmar Cyrulla Victoria Kym
Joanne Daniel Victoria Joanne Daniel
David Darcy New South Wales Fran
Philip David South Australia Nicholas the budding artist
Sinead Davies New South Wales Tanya
Tamara Dean New South Wales Blue
Carolyn Donovan Queensland Portrait of emergence
James Drinkwater New South Wales Philip Jamieson, I’ll meet you off Broadway
Nicolette Eisdell New South Wales John Seed OAM, Environmentalist.
David Fairbairn New South Wales Portrait of T.J.K.No2
Vincent Fantauzzo Victoria Polarized
Betina Fauvel-Ogden Victoria Pascale
Robert Fenton Victoria She was right there with it and she was
Dominic Fitzjohn Queensland Untitled
Louise French New South Wales Eric
Sarah Gabriel Victoria Lucy Kitty and Lacey in the good room
Margarita Georgiadis New South Wales His 80th Year – Max Cullen
Tara Gibbs New South Wales Phoebe
George Gittoes New South Wales George, Self Portrait with Camera
Danielle Gordon Queensland Intensity of the gaze
Erica Gray Queensland My dad
Jane Grealy Queensland Axis Mundi ( Harry in the Window)
Rachel Grove Victoria Self portrait (thinking about climate change)
Jane Guthleben New South Wales The baker (Annabel as an ornament)
Marieka Hambledon South Australia A strong lead
Ildiko Hammond New South Wales Self-Portrait III
Nicholas Harding New South Wales Keith Robinson 2019
Tom Hermann South Australia Understanding Tsering: shadow and light
Doug Heslop New South Wales Far away (Where you cannot judge or control me)
Josh Honeyman New South Wales Between The Click Of The Light And The Start Of The Dream
Ben Howe Victoria Matilda
Polly Ifould Victoria Jenny Sages
Di James New South Wales Kathy
Wonjun Jo New South Wales untitled
Melody Jones New South Wales Portrait of a flying fruit fly aka Ruby Rowat
Melissa Kenihan Victoria Outside in
Caroline Kennedy Victoria Ben reading David Marr
Matthew Kentmann New South Wales On The Periphery
Jasper Knight New South Wales Half a chicken and chips
Zai Kuang Victoria Corridor
David Kurzydlo New South Wales Self Portrait of the Artist in Utero
Clare Leeuwin-Clark Victoria Ann Caddey
Kim Leutwyler New South Wales Watson
Richard Lewer Victoria As a bald man, I miss going to the Barber
Anthony Lister New South Wales Barry Otto
Mathew Lynn New South Wales Traveling (Delta Lady)
Paul Maher New South Wales White jumper
Terence Mahony New South Wales Magda Suzbanski Rainbow Warrior
Robert Malherbe New South Wales Tiatia
John Mandich Victoria Jordan Hanna
Harley Manifold Victoria Self portrait over landscape
Scott Marsh New South Wales Captains knock
Terry Matassoni Victoria Eric
Kelly Mathews New South Wales Through Rose Tinted Glasses
Laura Matthews New South Wales Natural Habitat
Melisah May New South Wales Robert
Abbey McCulloch Queensland 7.55pm
Rob McHaffie Victoria Carnegie (after dumplings)
Joshua McPherson New South Wales Afterward (Portrait of Matt Nable)
Matilda Michell New South Wales Self portrait at the age of 36
Lewis Miller Victoria Self portrait 2019
Jennifer Mills Victoria In the echo chamber (WARNING! NUEAO self-portrait)
Stephanie Monteith New South Wales In a bubble (self-portrait)
John Morris New South Wales Rose with phone
Florentina Munteanu Victoria Stand Self Portrait in day light 2019
Petra Nancarrow Queensland Afternoon tea
James Needham New South Wales Sisters
Kirsty Neilson New South Wales The place that calls me
Ellie Noir South Australia Our Solitary Burdens/As The Tides Rise
Adam Norton New South Wales Blak Douglas Warp Drive
Liam Nunan New South Wales Here it comes
Liam Nunan New South Wales Peter Nunan
Wayde Owen New South Wales New Skin
Rodney Pople New South Wales Ken and Anya 2
James Powditch New South Wales Frost
Jamie Preisz New South Wales Like A Rolling Stone
Samuel Quinteros New South Wales Quan (Dyad)
Dale Rhodes New South Wales Jane
Jenny Rodgerson Victoria Solitary Figure No 4 (self portrait in green jacket)
Megan Roodenrys South Australia Empty nester
Peter Rudd Tasmania Self-Portrait
Paul Ryan New South Wales Colonial boy, Noah Taylor
Lynn Savery Victoria Back on his Feet Again
Lynn Savery Victoria God Save the Queen
Simon Schneider Victoria Josephine – Universe No. 2
Wendy Sharpe New South Wales Self Portrait with Circus Banner
Randall Sinnamon New South Wales Uncle Laddie Timbery
Jackson Slattery Victoria Dre
Dee Smart New South Wales Pippa
Peter Smeeth New South Wales Elora
Peter Smeeth New South Wales Rough Head Self Portrait
Peter Smeeth New South Wales Poster Girl – A Portrait of Bettina Arndt
Wendy Spindler Victoria Bravura
Vanessa Stockard New South Wales Self Portrait
Noriko Sugita New South Wales My wrinkles are my stripes
Ben Tankard New South Wales Linda Swinfield
Louise Tate Victoria A bronze weapon smelling of honey (after Kate Llewellyn)
Joy Tatt Victoria Em
Clare Thackway New South Wales Membrane
Alex Thorby New South Wales Artist Dick Watkins
Craig Waddell New South Wales Into he darkness – (Portrait of Julia Stone)
Natasha Walsh New South Wales The eternal metamorphoses
Oliver Watts New South Wales Steering for dream (Ben Storrier)
Peter Wegner Victoria Buddy Miller Amputee Daddy
Marcus Wills Victoria Zeke and Zack as Dylan and Eric
Madeleine Winch New South Wales Self portrait – Tribute to Edmund Capon
Sally Winch Kay Victoria Beautiful Maeve
Heidi Yardley Victoria Gareth Sansom – Grand Guignol
Michael Zavros Queensland White crash
Caroline Zilinsky New South Wales The Man of Polynomial Time
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